Proudly Presenting Pike Elementary School’s October Students of the Month!

Congratulations to our Elementary School students who were selected as the Students of the Month for March. Students are selected for this distinction by their teachers as a result of the hard work they’ve put in academically and socially as part of their daily courses and classwork.

Good job students, and keep up the great work!

Third Grade

Front Row (l-r) Jane Boswell of Laurie Jones’ Class, Cadence Whitten of Lindsey Mathews’ Class, Lila Kate Jones of Katie Gossett’s Class,  Brady Skeen of Emily Lewis’ Class, Reagan Sharpe Eva Parker’s Class, Frankie Flanders of Laura Zuke’s Class,  Annabeth Clay of Cyndi Odum’s Class 

Back Row (l-r) Jacob Wakeman of Kelli Bannister’s Class, Jack Luna of Jennifer Parker’s Class,  Ellie Justice of Roberta Martin’s Class, Hannah Matson of Molly Bruce’s Class, Lathan Maner of Sarah Phillips’ Class, Michael Barrett of Pamela Ashe’s Class

Fourth Grade

Front Row (l-r) Charley Thompson of Bethany Todd’s Class,  Gracie Matthews of Tammy Taylor’s Class, Patricia Wright of Dana Sage’s Class, Grayson Potter of Jenna Williams’ Class, Emma Karr of Alli Bennett’s Class

Back Row (l-r) Logan Stewart of Amber Dean’s Class,  Drake Clepper of Erin Thomas’ Class, Zain Momin of Carlie Kimbrell’s Class, James Steward of Dawn McDevitt’s Class, Brady Wyatt of Amy McKemie’s Class, 

Fifth Grade

Front Row (l-r) Andrew Tatum  of Traci Thompson’s Class, Easton Huffman of Meghan Lee’s Class, Malachi Jordan of Blaire Loveless’ Class

Middle Row (l-r) Kaden Brooks of Lindsay McGuffey’s Class, Boe Carrington of Jessica Austin’s Class, Annistyn McKoy of Jamie Shaw’s Class

Back Row (l-r) Gabby Booker of Jenny Fellows’ Class, Jake Colin of Rebekah Stewart’s Class, Lanier Hubbard of Kim Carden’s Class, Slade Skinner of Ashley Reeves’ Class

Not pictured: Ruth Harwood of Melissa Dennis’ Class


Again, great job to all students who were nominated, and keep up the great work!

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