Pike Elementary School Clubs

Pike County Elementary School offers a variety of clubs for our students to participate in. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. Our clubs include art club, acting club, music club, and trailblazers running club.

Trailblazers Running Club

Trailblazers Running Club meets after school for 4th and 5th grade students at PCES. The Trailblazers Running Club is a running enrichment program that not only is a running club but a club of elite students that show both academics and behavioral responsibilities in the classroom. Trailblazers consist of teacher recommended students. Our runners are held to responsibilities including running on their own and at practice, along with maintaining good grades and leadership qualities in the classroom. We teach sportsmanship and good healthy habits while giving them a love of running to share others.

Sponsors: Ashley O’Steen and Ken Smith

Music Club

Music Club is an after school club for 4th and 5th grade students at PCES.  The purpose of Music Club is to give 4th and 5th grade students the opportunity to work together to sing, play instruments, and learn choreography, as well as extend their appreciation for music.  The Music Club will perform for special events throughout the year.

Sponsor: Kelly Wilks

Acting Club

Pike County Elementary School’s acting club is a school activity in which students learn the basics of stagecraft – self-discipline, movement, memorization, enunciation, and voice projection, as well as the significances of hard work, creativity, imaginative play, listening and observation skills, and self-confidence. They are given opportunities to shine in the spotlight or even stand behind it as stage crew members, sound and lighting technicians or opt for a role as set designer, make-up artist, or costume and props team members. The diverse students in our Acting Club enjoy the rewards that come with working together to achieve common goals. 

Sponsors: Patrick Horne, Kelly Wilks, and Nikki Manley.

Art Club

 Sponsored by our art teacher Kathy Harper, this club offers an opportunity to further explore individual art skills, as well as an outlet for improving the aesthetics of the school environment  by doing cooperative projects. Art club is a wonderful opportunity for students to assist with community projects and art shows. 

**If there is a club or student organization in which you DO NOT give your permission for your child to participate please email Principal, Dr. Melissa Smith, smithm@pike.k12.ga.us Please include the name(s) of your student(s), grade level, and the clubs or organizations that are restricted for your student(s).**

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