Welcome to Pike County Elementary School

School Hours:  8:00 am – 2:40 pm

Students may be dropped off at 7:15 each morning. 

Thank you for visiting the Pike County Elementary School website. The elementary school years are a particularly exciting time for students and require a PCES family of staff, families and community members to come together to mold students through their unique needs and talents. At PCES, we strive to instill an excitement for learning in each of our 800 students by creating a school that is engaging and fun. Our 80+ teachers and staff are highly qualified and have high expectations of our students. While academics come first, our school is an especially unique elementary school offering many extracurricular activities and clubs of which students may participate. We offer an art club, music club, running club, and an acting club with a full theatrical performance in the spring. Many more clubs are offered as well. 

Many great things happen at our school through family and community collaboration. If you would like to be involved in the many exciting thing going on with our students, please consider joining our PTO and volunteering in our school. Parents are an integral part of the education of students and can participate through our very active PTO, our School Council, field trips, student mentoring program or a classroom volunteer.









What Makes Us Unique?

Creating Diverse Opportunity

Pike County is focused on the success of every student in our district. This means enabling students to follow a range of different paths and not subjecting them to “cookie cutter” curriculums. We pride ourselves on fostering the skillsets of a diverse and multifaceted student body. 

Encouraging Experimentation

We do this by providing specialty courses, curriculums, and experiences that range from computing and technology to farming and mechanics.  Our goal is to ensure that by the time our students graduate, they have a strong understanding of what their skillsets, passions, and goals are.

Enabling Career Success

By encouraging critical thinking and diverse experiences among our students, we enable them to strongly set forth into their adulthood and succeed independently as they enter college, join the workforce, and become contributing members to our society. 

"Life is not a multiple choice test. In the real world, you learn by doing. Our goal at Pike County is to make sure every student gains the experience and skills they need to excel at their chosen career path upon graduation."
Dr. Michael Duncan MD
Pike County Schools Superintendent

More About Our Mission


We want all students to be free to live the life they choose, free from limitations and influence. We believe that true freedom begins in the mind with independent and well-reasoned thought. Our mission is to help each student learn and grow throughout their early lives in order to attain their intellectual independence, which will ultimately enable them to excel as they enter into careers and citizenship. Want to learn more? Ask us a question using this simple form

Our Portrait of a Graduate


Pike County’s Portrait of a Graduate consists of five core competencies; Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Personal Responsibility . These competencies are necessary for a student’s success in college, in their career, and and in their overall lives. The Portrait of a Graduate serves as the District’s “North Star” with regards to how we structure our curriculum. Watch our video series for more info. 

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