Introducing 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year Hannah Bottchen

Role: Special Education Teacher


About Hannah Bottchen -
(through the eyes of a co-worker)

Hannah has an easy going personality and works well with her colleagues.  Hannah is organized and thorough in everything she does including teaching, collecting data, communicating with parents and providing supports for her students.  Hannah has dealt with difficult situations in her teaching with grace, patience and perseverance.  Hannah collaborates will with her co-teachers and fellow team members.  Hannah is patient and loving with her students and they feel loved and appreciated in her presence.

Mrs. Bottchen attends sports activities and extra-curricular activities to support her students.  She is always researching best practices and new strategies to help her students be successful in the classroom.  She goes above and beyond required expectations for parent engagement by reaching out to them daily and outside school hours.  Hannah has also purchased tools for supporting students’ emotional and sensory needs.

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