Parent Engagement Night

I. Grace Harbour provided information to help with our understanding mental health needs in our children. Addressing depression, anxiety, and trauma. 

II. Our Principal, Dr. Smith and our Counselor, Ms. Hester discussed exposing students to a variety of careers. This Life Ready presentation discussed how connecting strengths and passions to develop future goals and action plans to succeed. 

III. X Marks the Spot: Treasures found in assessments, presented by our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Peabody. Assessments are an integral part of instruction and help determine whether or not the goals of education are being met!

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IV. Looking through the spyglass of RTI with Mrs. Kelley Edwards and Kristi Connell. Take a look at RTI qualification, progress monitoring, and intervention tools for reading and math support. 

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V. Books are bounty presented by Mrs. Michele Granger. Readers are leaders! Learn about the reading initiatives and how to help at home. 

VI. Adjusting your sails presented by Mrs. Donna Vining. Learn about social-emotional well-being and behavioral support. Curriculum designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control.

VII. Treasure chest of art presented by Mrs. Kathy Harper. Students share how they use creativity, critical thinking, and communication to design treasures in art class. 

VIII. Walk the plank with Mrs. Ashley Wright and Mrs. Mandy Wood. Parents heard phase plans for our Buddy’s Nature Trail. They saw before and inspiration photos and learned about volunteer and donation opportunities. They walked the trail to see our current accomplishments. 

IX. Counting the loot and understand new math presented by Sara Wilson with Griffin RESA. Parents explored “new” math strategies and learned problem solving methods that empower parents when helping at home. 

Welcome to Third Grade Presentation: 

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Welcome to Fourth Grade Presentation:

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Welcome to Fifth Grade Presentation:

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Fifth Grade Capstone Overview:

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